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KITS - Systems

These Kits have been designed to provide generic expandable solutions to common applications. They may also be used as starting points for larger or different projects so contact us with your requirements and we will customise a Kit to suit your unique situation.

Office PBX/Telecommunications - 50 Extensions

Generic Telecomminications/PBX Infrastructure suitable for small/medium businesses requiring cable identification, schematic support and documentation.
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Maximum PBX Extensions50
Maximum PBX External Lines20
Wireless Handsets10
Door Phones15
Fax Machines5
Teleconference Units5
Paging Outputs5
On Hold Program source2
Voice Mail Stores4
Answering Machines3
External Relays12
External Sensors12
Door Openers20
User Defined Cables10
Direct Lines (non PBX)20
Operator Consoles2
Computer Interface (Ethernet)2
Backup Power Supply2
Progamming Stations1

Database System System: W4CLDB/P ("Schematic on the Fly"®).
Custom Database initialised with equipment and cable data.
Construction List (PDF).
Type A, White Cabel Labels printed as per selected Options.

We provide a full "Schematic on the Fly"® Database with system cabling and equipment already entered, create a Construction List (PDF) and print the Cabel Labels. As the database is pre-configured the end user need only apply the labels to the cables and tailor any connections as desired. A number of spare cables are entered into the Database (and Cabel Labels printed) to allow for customisation.

Cabel Labels:
• First Line printed on Cabel Label:

• Second Line printed on Cabel Label:

• Third Line printed on Cabel Label:

• Fourth Line printed on Cabel Label:

Not quite what you need?
Suggested customisations:
• Different Number Ranges.
• Different Cabel Label colours,
• Additional Data on Cabel Label,
• Data laid out differently on Cabel Label,
• Logo on Cabel Label,

Please contact us so we can customise it.

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